Shingara Sands

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7 Nov

And The Girls in Their Sunday Dresses



30 Sep

On the way out

21 Sep

Listed in a feed, scraped on one of my sites

14 Sep

PPoT: The geekiest band alive

12 Sep

Babak Fakhamzadeh: Winner of the prestigious Highway Africa new media award


Photomarathon Pretoria 2007 submissions

4 Sep

On to a Facebook widget

31 Aug

Social networking and social news

28 Aug

Finding not finding a cheap place to stay in Cape Town

21 Aug

Google maps, Soweto uprisings and Iranian TV

19 Aug

A review of realtravel


18 Aug

An emotional dream and a spent movie script

16 Aug

Charities and houses

15 Aug

Comparing hosting providers

3 Aug

DDR Chocolate

31 Jul

PayPerPost: Try to make money with your blog

29 Jul

Doing the time warp, again!


21 Jul

Public art in Jo’burg and Pownce

19 Jul

Artsy panoramas, by chance

30 Jun

Gone west


We can not continue to die like this


12 9 14 4 1




Musical installation art

12 Apr

Civilization will die because in the future everyone will have a personal humanoid robot


Come and play with . us

5 Apr

Boycott Google!




25% black

1 Mar

Arachnaphobia and humanophobia

23 Feb

Refuting a Reuters article on maths

14 Feb

The impossibility of fighting SpamCop?

12 Feb

Ian Kenneth – Trust is not an option

5 Feb

On a book cover, Hash at Hartbeespoortdam and tickets to the Oscars

2 Feb

Rate a few and win a t-shirt

29 Jan

Elfstedentocht in Mongolia, pool party, photomarathon, cricket

15 Jan

50? Make that 2…

9 Jan

33 1/3 and a tiny crocodile biting through a bic pen

1 Jan

South African style



31 Dec

The best wishes for 2007

30 Dec

Sweets of Iran

19 Dec

Back in the R.S.A.

26 Sep

Spam and dance

12 Sep


24 Aug

Pat on the back

15 Aug

Pop culture

10 Aug

The next step in crime fighting


DDR ZA . com

31 Jul

The plot thickens

24 Jul

Thinking it over

22 Jul

Redistribution of wealth


Jul A day in the life of Flickr

10 Jul

See how it runs


30 Jun

Somewhat busy week

25 Jun

Hash, palace, birds and defeat

16 Jun

Soccer, sad and Flickr


10 Jun

Ex-Dragavant Nights 2

29 May

Ball radio with a twist, literally

4 May

The Jo’burg hash

1 May

Very sad

12 Apr

6 months in South Africa