Somewhat busy week

Boys in front of an old tank near Bamyan in Afghanistan
Minefield markers
Happy new year
Boy in front of his stall
Former Talib prepares his hash
Afghans at Bamyan
Aid workers play with Afghan kids
Abandoned wheelbarrows
ICRC personnel preparing lunch

After, I’ve gotten the taste of using the Flickr API to make different things and created, where you have to guess English sayings where they are displayed using images pulled from Flickr. As I’ve been doing with most of the stuff I’ve created recently, I based the design on stuff I pulled from

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on writing a proposal for a web-project in Tirana, Albania. It’s with UNDP and if this works out, it could truly herald a new era.

Finally, DDR ZA . com has gone into private beta. It’s been a pain to get the hosting right. Readyhosting, until late last year the provider with which I hosted all my sites has quickly gone downhill once they were acquired by a third party. Although, potentially, what they offer is still good, their service is extremely friendly, but also not very knowledgeable.

Then, I proposed a professionalisation of Francesco Carotta is the author of the book ‘Jesus was Caesar’. Status pending.

And I’m submitting some pictures to a Spanish photography competition. The pictures listed below are the ones from which I want to choose. Help me out to select the right ones by giving your opinion.

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