In mid-2005, ten guys from my fraternity, Veto, traveled to the village of Lidgetton in South Africa, to help build an orphanage and a school. I wasn’t there, as I was busy in Afghanistan at the time (not planning any terrorist moves, really).

In April of this year, Betsy and I visited the site to see how the school, orphanage and children were doing. I also was talked into doing a website for them.

Having been very busy in the last few months, it was only this month which saw me have time to work on this project.
I wanted to try something else, deviate from my usual modus operandi, and opted for installing TextPattern. A while ago already, I had been looking for easy to use, easy to expand, ready to install CMS systems with a wide range of possibilities. The obvious choice is WordPress, but TextPattern seemed to be much more hackable and uses an organizational structure that’s not only easy to understand, but also fairly easy to expand.
Or so I thought.

I installed TextPattern, but ended up being frustrated by the fact that although it seems to be perfectly suitable for a blog-oriented website, it doesn’t work well for a more static environment. And on top of that, categories can’t be nested. At least not easily.
So I took my learnings and installed WordPress instead.

The site was taken offline in April 2012.

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