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It all happened so fast! Already I’m back in South Africa, struggling with a less than mediocre internet connection. Then again, I also was reunited with Betsy. Aaaah.

On my last day in Chiang Mai, I bought a personal media player (including video) from the very well known brand Dhoom (hear the sarcasm?). It wasn’t the cheapest, at 45 euro with 2GB on board, but the only cheaper one came with no warranty, whereas this one has a one year warranty. And the quality is actually quite good.

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  1. […] Babak is one of the three founders of walk · listen · create. He maintains a few apps that help people to get lost, including Dérive app, inspired by the ideals of the The Situationists. The article below, making the case that Saint Augustine should be the patron saint of walkers, was first published on his website. […]

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