PayPerPost: Try to make money with your blog

Months ago, I signed up for payperpost (PPP). It’s a service aimed at bloggers and advertisers where bloggers get paid to write posts, on their own blogs, about the advertisers. There are plenty of opportunities available on the PPP site; currently close to 80 campaigns are on offer, but for some reason, my blog, that is, the one you’re reading now, has never gotten the opportunity to take advantage of all these possibilities.
While there are some 80 campaigns on offer, I can only choose from four and this post is the result of one of those, writing about PPP itself. The other three are “Review”, “US State & City Mortgages” and “How to start a business”. Already implied in the names of these three opportunities and quite obvious when you visit the PPP website, is that the whole service, like PPP’s competitors, is very much America-focused. This is, in a way, understandable as that’s where most of the dotcom money is, but also a bit annoying for all those bloggers outside of the US of A, of which, there are probably more anyway.

That said, what I do like about this service is that, although the homepage, the ‘dashboard’, feels like the horrible lovechild of a series of neon signs and bad designers, the opportunities overview is clean and easy to understand. If only I would get more opportunities to write about!

If you can believe the lists on the PPP dashboard page, the top earners make more than one thousand dollars per month. Those are decent amounts with which, if you live in a place like South Africa or Thailand (my current and future locations), you can maintain a decent living standard. But at an average payout of, say, 20 dollars, that would mean having to write more than 50 reviews per month to reach those numbers, say two a day. And although the currently highest paying opportunity will give you a cool 235 dollar, there are now only 10 opportunities paying more than 20 bucks.

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