Doing the time warp, again!

Rocky playing with Janet
Mountain Kumi? Prove what is written down? Come as you're? WTF?
Rocky at home
Brad is feeling up Magenta
Magenta | Frank-N-Furter | Magenta
Frank and two Magentas
About to do the time warp
Janet likes Rocky
Brad proposes to Janet
Getting ready for the shoot
Frank is loved by all
Janet is a popular girl
Showing off
On the steps
Frank-N-Furter and Magenta at the back
Christo IS Frank-N-Furter
Peter is getting ready
This opens up a whole new chapter
The Clairebear
Dolphin thinks Frank is hot
Giya, all dressed up
Magenta is looking sweet
Getting ready
Open up, baby
Damnit, Janet!
Having met mom and knowing dad...
Christo and Raurie
Nice eyes
What a couple!

It’s winter, here in Jo’burg. Which means it’s bloody damn cold. So to alleviate this struggle against the cold, Betsy threw a Rocky Horror Party.

All dressed up, we jumped to the left and then took a step to the right. The house was a mess afterwards, with confetti, rice and all sorts of leftovers.

Before the show, we posed for a few pictures. Ain’t Christo a natural, as Frank-N-Furter?

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