In September 2014, became online photomarathon submission management. The original website was rebuilt to allow for managing the submissions of the upcoming Johannesburg photomarathon.


In October 2005, I participated in the Rotterdam photomarathon. I was so extremely charmed by the concept I offered my services to get all the participants’ pictures online.

I was hoping to help organize the contest in 2006, but my moving to Johannesburg put a stop to that.

For several years, was used to list the world’s photomarathons.

Photomarathons in South Africa

After moving to South Africa, in 2007, I found sponsors at The Bag Factory specifically to organize Africa’s first photomarathon, the photomarathon 2007 :: Johannesburg, which was held on February 24th. The photomarathon ran for 12 hours, starting at 8am.

Later in the same year, through additional sponsorhip deals, I managed to organize the Pretoria photomarathon on September 8th. A spectacular addition to this event was the video category: participants got to shoot video shorts, one minute max, of the 12 themes, a world first.

It took until 2014 for the third South African photomarathon to take place, again in Johannesburg. was used as the platform for submissions management.

The end of the line

In July 2023, I shut the books on this website. 

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