PPoT: The geekiest band alive

If you’re geeky like me (incidentally, did I mention I won the prestigious Highway Africa new media award together with Ismail Farouk?), you might know of the band Press Play on Tape, hailing from Denmark, together since 1999, who claim to be the geekiest band on the planet.
Well, they most surely were the geekiest band in 1999, as they play game tunes from Commodore 64 games. Hilarious stuff, if not ueber-cool.

However, recently, they took it one step further. You see, with bands like the Guitar Zeros, they’ve got quite stiff competition. So what did PPoT do? They now play Commodore 64 game tunes using game controllers. And these include a DDR dance mat and a Suzo Arcade joystick!

So, now, to find their CDs.


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