29 Dec

New year in Minas

20 Nov

Is it a coincidence that ‘Thailand’ contains the term ‘AI’?

30 May

Of snow and ice

24 Apr

New York on the Mediterranean

22 Apr

Religious tourism in Haifa

20 Apr

The cost of Jerusalem

16 Apr

Going back a few thousand years

9 Apr

Vedi Napoli

5 Apr

Of planes, trains, and metromobiles

31 Mar

In which I go for a walk

2 Jan

A pacific sunset



30 Dec

The ugliest town in Chile

29 Dec

Across the void to Bariloche

26 Dec

Onto the glacier

24 Dec

Marvelling at the Blue Towers

20 Dec

To cross the Strait of Magellan

17 Dec

A flight to Ushuaia

28 Nov

A roof tile with fish, in Goiás

5 Sep

Migrating WordPress, step by step

2 Aug

And with a dash of Luanda