DDR Chocolate

I’m not in the habit of posting stuff twice, as I believe in keeping original content in one place, but this bit of internet coolness I couldn’t just post to DDR ZA . com. And I’m quite sure that most of you reading this blog don’t keep track of DDR ZA . com.


As bandwidth and internet connectivity is quite crappy and very expensive here in South Africa, I’ve pretty much stayed away from online video ever since I arrived here early last year. In fact, I believe this lack of connectivity has hampered me quite a bit in staying on top of things during this period. It’s strangely prohibitive, realising you’re paying through the nose for every megabyte that arrives at your computer.
Still, I follow, like, 40 news sources (through the excellent Google reader), so I couldn’t help but be aware of YouTube recently putting songs by some guy called Tay Zonday all over the place. Particularly his song Chocolate Rain was a favorite and it quickly became, if it wasn’t already, a proper internet meme. To illustrate, currently, the song, on YouTube, has an impressive 45000 comments. This does not necessarily mean it’s a good song. It is, however, too good to be missed.

Now, someone created DDR steps to the song. Well, that is, technically, it’s an In The Groove stepchart because it has bombs, although that is debatable as late last year Konami bought In The Groove. For the uninitiated, ‘bombs’ are the complete opposite of arrows, you are not allowed to stand on the arrow the bomb represents when it arrives at the top of your screen.

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If you haven’t yet, I really urge you to take a look at the video of the original song. It’s quite hilarious: “History quickly crashing through your veins, CHOCOLATE RAIN, Using you to fall back down again, CHOCOLATE RAIN” and so on. The man, really, is a machine.


The DDR version is at i-am-bored.com, here, which unfortunately can’t be shared like YouTube videos. Still, someone did upload it to YouTube.

To me, the stepchart looks like a nine or ten footer and seems to be made with Stepmania and, I suspect, played on a keyboard. It looks doable, except, perhaps, the last bit where there are so many bombs scrolling up, it becomes hard to discern the arrows.

Update: According to Urban Dictionary, Chocolate Rain is a euphemism for racism. Makes sense.
True true, Urban Dictionary also has a few other very interesting definitions for the same meme.