The next step in crime fighting

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We were going to get a visit from some franchiser who sells bolted doors and windows, but when he realised he wasn't going to speak to the owner of the house, he canceled the appointment.

Still, this didn't stop me from getting a new laptop. A small pile of money I had't planned spending, but such is life. I also got a steel cable to bolt the laptop down. Now let's hope my travel insurance will pay up soon (or at all, for that matter).

Having had not much to do, I read a lot. And we attended another opening ceremony of an exhibition. Marie Cruise, a sculptor, is currently showing her work in the David Krut art gallery. I'm not too much into sculpture, but the focus of the exhibition was much more on her preliminary work, the sketches and such, which she did before actually creating the main piece of art.

On Sunday, we went for Chinese in Chinatown (including a free complimentary DVD). Before dinner, we were asked to join a group of celebrators in preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. We were told it was to be aired on CCTV, Chinese television. Chinese friends of mine, have you seen us?

Also, we now have three cats who regularly stop by for a pet on the back, a drink or a bite.

Mamma Mia!

The international cast has come to South Africa. Or more accurately, the international cast is now almost leaving South Africa.

Tickets were hard to get, which is reasonably surprising since there were quite a few shows and the ticket price is steep. Still, we got two and went to see the show.

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The comic relief was reasonably enjoyable, although very British and too many jokes were 'lewd', even though the crowd loved those the most.
The mother reminded me of Dusty Springfield and the daughter of the neighbour in the TV series "Love and Marriage".

The whole show is a mix of a British comedy (pick one) with a bit of Muriel's Wedding thrown in, mixed up with a lot of Shirley Valentine and a dash of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
As a whole, I found the show entertaining, but not spectacular. Maybe I'm just from the wrong decade.