Elfstedentocht in Mongolia, pool party, photomarathon, cricket

The Dutch newspaper 'Volkskrant' has an article on the next 'alternative Elfstedentocht', which will be held in March on Khovskol lake, in Mongolia. Wish I was there.
Interesting will be how they'll get the riders and supporters out there: the lake, beautiful as it is, is in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile, here in Jo'burg, where everyday the temperature rises to the 30 degrees centigrade mark, I've started organising the first African photomarathon, which will be held on February 24th, right here in Jo'burg. The main sponsor of the event is The Bag Factory.

Last weekend, we spend some time at Christo's pool party where too much whiskey, beer and great steak knocked me out.

And some two weeks ago, Betsy, Jasper and myself went over to Centurion to check out a test match between South Africa and Pakistan (I'm talking cricket here). Test matches tend to last four or five days and we only saw half of one.
During the lunch break, the crowd was allowed on the field, but not on the pitch (is it called a pitch?), and they went wild. Everyone had brought cricket bats, balls, soccer balls and whatnot.

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