Rate a few and win a t-shirt

As I made absolutely zilch with my last try of blogging for dollars through CREAMaid, I figured I’d try it again.

The guys from Berda are having a FREE Custom T-Shirt Contest (sorry for the caps, but that’s required by the submission guidelines of CREAMaid). You can try your best at winning a free t-shirt. They give one away every week, so you stand a decent chance as long as you’re in early.

The site uses the often tried and well working concept of ‘Rate my…’, where the HotOrNot ripoff Rate My Poo is probably the most disgusting but hilarious incarnation in this series.

What’s nice about the compo is that you submit your own design to be rated. If it ends up on top for the week, you get your own design printed. But what’s strange is that the contest rules say that the design which gets the -most- votes wins, not the design with the -highest- score/votes.

Gripes? They could have done some more work on the design. Not only is it a HotOrNot ripoff, it also looks like what HotOrNot looked like when they opened up shop, what, 10 years ago? And why is it so many people (mostly Americans) think the world begins and ends on their continent: “Worldwide participation is permitted, however, winner’s order will be shipped to USA location only.”
And your design ends up being property of Berda, for them to make money off.
Hmmm, maybe it’s not such a good thing after all for the regular Joe.


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