Sweets of Iran

There seem to be more different types of sweets in Iran than you can shake a stick at. And there all so good! Well, most of them anyway. Here’s a few. Additions are very, very welcome.

+ Abnabat qeichi (آبنبات قیچی). From Mashhad, Qom, Yazd.
+ Badam sukhte (بادام سوخته). Sugared almonds. From all over Iran.
+ Baklava (باقلوا ). From Yazd.
+ Bastani (بستنی). Ice cream. From all over Iran.
+ Dates (خرما). From Bam.
+ Faludeh (فالوده). From all over Iran.
+ Fresh dates (رتب). Also a type of packaged but very juicy dates. From the south of Iran, typically Bam or Kerman.
+ Gaz (گز). A nougat like sweet. From Esfahan.
+ Gush-e fil (گوش فیل). From all over Iran.
+ Halva (حلوا). From all over Iran.
+ Jakh dar behesht (یخ در بهشت). A type of ice cream. From all over Iran.
+ Joz-e qand (جوز قند). From all over Iran.
+ Kachi (کاچی). A soft type of halva. From all over Iran.
+ Kolombe (کلمبه). From Kerman.
+ Lavasak (لواشک). Not really a sweet, but a very sour thin layer of processed fruits. From all over Iran.
+ Masqati (مسقطی). Fom Shiraz.
+ Nabat (نبات). From Mashhad.
+ Nan-e berenji (نان برنجی). From Kermanshah.
+ Nan-e nokhodchi (نان نخودچی). From Kermanshah.
+ Noqa (نوقا ). More commonly known as nougat. From Tabriz.
+ Noql-e pir-e zan (نقل پیر زن ). From Mashhad, Qom.
+ Pashmak (پشمک). A more solid type of cotton candy. From Yazd.
+ Pistachio (پسته). From Rafsanjan.
+ Qottab (قطٌاب). A pastry made of eggs, yoghurt, flour, almonds, and cardamom. From Yazd.
+ Ranginak (رنگینک). From the south of Iran, typically Abadan and Kerman.
+ Reshte Khushkar (رشته خوشکار). A rice based sweet. From the north of Iran.
+ Sholl-e zard (شلٌه زرد). From all over Iran.
+ Sohan (سوهان). A brittle pistachio based sweet. From Qom.
+ Tut (توت). A marzipan like sweet. From all over Iran.
+ Zulbia bamie (زولبیا بامیه). Sugared bread sticks. From all over Iran.

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