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As I'm nearly broke, I'm looking into novel ways to generate an income. Given that over the last 10 years I haven't really been succesful, except for perhaps the dollar a day I make on Google ads, it's unlikely I'll succeed now, but, hell, you never know what happens.
As it is, I bumped into the rather different, if not strange CREAMaid.com, where, supposedly, you can make money by writing positive reviews on particular 'things' they list on their frontpage. One of them was the webpage 50 Travel Sites You've Probably Never Heard Of and, being quite familiar with the travel business and travel related websites in general, this sounded like a fun item to bash.

I sure hadn't heard of the site in question, so I suppose that's a plus, somehow. But, also, neither Travelhog.net (too old?) nor SkipDistance.com (too new?) made it to the list.
Of the list of 50 (or would that be 51?) I recognized over 20 just by looking at the names and another 10 when reading the short accompanying blurbs, so, clearly, I'm not in the target demographic.
And, really, including a website which 'was voted as one of the 12 Best Travel Sites by Forbes.com' or Hostels.net doesn't make this list credible.

Of the others, two reasonable finds:

+ Unusual hotels of the world,
+ Unclaimed baggage.

So that's it. 51 travel related websites that wouldn't have been required to group together on one page.

The CREAMaid widget (that thing directly below here) is quite cool, however.


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