Thinking it over

I can’t help but think that the burglary we experienced last Saturday was targeted. The fence around the whole compound was breached, right where our garden is. My laptop, cameras, cell phone and external hard disk were taken, while mouse, headset, cables and card reader, all of which were on the same desk as my laptop, were left behind, as were the DVD player, TV, CDs, DVDs and whatnot.

In short, all my data-carrying devices were taken. Ain’t that a coincidence.

The preceding evening, I hadn’t completely closed the curtains, leaving a narrow strip to look out, or in. I can’t help but be reminded of a comment my father made to my mother some 30 years ago to keep the curtains closed because they are watching (to understand this in context, read Brieven aan mijn vader, it’s in Dutch). As this break-in came shortly after me publishing those letters, in which I mention it would be reasonable to get the impression based on what I know of my father that he might have been involved in some secretive plot, it would almost be too unlikely to have this be a coincidence. One would be excused to think my data was taken to find out what it is I actually have on file. In fact, it would be interesting to see what would happen if I’d say that I didn’t bring this information to South Africa, but kept it hidden away in my basement in Delft.

I later found out they also took my shoes. One pair I still have, I had forgotten it in the car.

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On a completely unrelated note, I have forgotten what the color beige looks like.