24 Sep

Enjoying Istanbul

4 Feb

A visit to Cola Kreek



7 Apr


24 Feb

And this is how it ended…

30 Jan

Going to Gyor

29 Jan

Vienna for a day

28 Jan

We’re off to see…

25 Jan

Into Bosnia



17 Jul

Chillout city

16 Jul

Off again…

14 Jul

The roof, the roof…

8 Jul

Not my problem



4 Aug

Buying a gun?

3 Aug

Back to Minsk

31 Jul

The train from Murmansk to St. Petersburg

26 Jul

A celebration and moving on to Volgograd

9 Jul

Novosibirsk is a city, changed

5 Jul

Again a visa issue

2 Jul

Different standards in Nizhni Novgorod

30 Jun

Show me the money