22 Jul

This is the longest bus ride in the world

14 Jul

Huacachina, because Huacachina

10 Jul

Island, or not

6 Jul

Down and out in Colca Canyon

1 Jul

For the food



30 Sep

This is not the longest bus ride in the world

2 Sep

Saying goodbye to Chilean food

24 Aug

Chilean Pisco

24 Feb

A short visit to Arequipa

22 Feb

Back in Nazca

21 Feb

Ica and Huacachina

20 Feb

Tina, Klima, Lima

17 Feb

Pyramids in Chiclayo

16 Feb

Carnival in Cuenca

5 Feb

Cats of Cali



9 Jul

Passing through the Amazonian basin

7 Jul

Nazca lines

3 Jul

Top of the world

1 Jul

The old Inca capital

3 Jun

It’s the food that makes Chile