Cats of Cali

The Cali kitten
Under her wings
Feeding the birds
You called?
Pink flamingoes in the pool
White tiger
The future is now
Sleepy kitty
Overlooking Cali
We come in peace
Feel the zen
The kitten of Cali
Downtown Cali

Cali is the home of salsa. Calinos don't go out for a drink, they go out for a dance. Their version of salsa is known to be more complex, with more elaborate footwork, than any other.
I wasn't going to go to a club, alone, but my attempts at getting a salsa class for tourists failed. Where the season was still very much on when I was in Cartagena, the flow of tourists in Cali has already almost completely dried up. In my hotel, I was the only guest.

Cali is provincial, but pleasant. Recently the riverside promenade has been completely revamped, with the major thoroughfare it replaced having been moved underground. The late colonial architecture is cute and quaint, even if it doesn't match that of some other cities on the continent, the atmosphere is also less pretentious and enjoyable. Also, statues of cats are all over the city. What's not to like?

There's a surprisingly large amount of gourmet restaurants and cafes around.

One oft the local forms of transport is a richly decorated jeep with two rows of seats sat along the length of the vehicle, pretty much identical to the jeepneys in the Philippines and very similar to the songthaews of Thailand.
Getting on a bus towards the border, attendants did what I saw their counterparts in Peru do last year: recording, on video, who enters the bus. What's being recorded for posterity, here?

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