3 Aug

Back to Minsk

2 Aug

Facing the music

1 Aug

St. Petersburg is the nicest city on earth

31 Jul

The train from Murmansk to St. Petersburg

30 Jul

Drugged in Murmansk

29 Jul

From Volgograd to Murmansk

28 Jul

Breakfast of champions

27 Jul

Volgograd is the home of mother Russia

26 Jul

A celebration and moving on to Volgograd

25 Jul

Police, women, but no boat in Rostov-na-Donu

24 Jul

Speeding through Omsk to get to Sochi

23 Jul

Finally, lake Baikal

22 Jul

Serbian in Irkutsk

21 Jul

The Angara

20 Jul

Monk-ey business

19 Jul

A head in Ulan Ude

18 Jul

Going towards Ulan Ude

17 Jul

Almost in China

16 Jul

Khabarovsk is

15 Jul

Moving to Khabarovsk