2 Jun

Concrete phallus

1 Jun

Moving to Gdansk

31 May

Berlin – Gdansk – Malbork – Warsaw

11 May

Live concert of Doe Maar

28 Apr

In the palm of my hand

23 Apr

The luck of the Dutch

1 Feb

Baltics and beyond



24 Oct


6 Aug

The end of a journey

5 Aug

In Warsaw

4 Aug

Buying a gun?

3 Aug

Back to Minsk

2 Aug

Facing the music

1 Aug

St. Petersburg is the nicest city on earth

31 Jul

The train from Murmansk to St. Petersburg

30 Jul

Drugged in Murmansk

29 Jul

From Volgograd to Murmansk

28 Jul

Breakfast of champions

27 Jul

Volgograd is the home of mother Russia

26 Jul

A celebration and moving on to Volgograd