Concrete phallus

In Gdansk
Street level
In the market
In the market
Looking over Gdansk from behind bars
Musical stuff
Enjoying a beer
Somewhere in Poland
Sunny side up
One soul's journey, looking inwards
In Malbork
In Malbork
Hand and knee
Dead and gone?
In Gdansk
A little smile
Flowing water
Making music in Gdansk
In Gdansk
In the street
In Gdansk
Saved in Gdansk
Harm-Jan Meester
End of the day
Going down
Marianne acting funny

The next day we spent touring the city. Visiting the city's tourist highlights (and meeting up with the same Germans again and again) we saw all of Gdansk that's worthwhile visiting. Among other things, a monument to three dockworkers killed in the 70s (three anchors on three huge crosses) and a monument to the fallen of the second world war at a site called 'Westerplatte'. The latter being nothing but an inscribed concrete fallus. Very weird indeed.

I had no choice but to buy a model of the fallus. In fact, I bought three. When, driving to Warsaw, one of the three falluses broke, falling on Marianne's head, it turned out they're made from clay, their insides still being wet.

More of that Jazz

We managed to get back from Westerplatte in time to have dinner at a milk bar. If you've seen 'A Clockwork orange' you probably have a totally wrong idea about milkbars. Still, however, they serve milk. In addition to the numerous regular (and very good and very cheap) full meals on offer.
We completely filled our bellies for an apple and an egg (which means for next to nothing if you're wandering) and afterwards spent time just sitting on one of the benches in Gdansk its main street, watching the Germans pass by.
When the time was right and the sun was closer to setting, we moved to one of the two jazz clubs in Gdansk. We came just in time to enjoy some of the live music and sat at the only free table left in the club, next to one of the pool billiards, drinking 'Iguana's' by the bucketload.
After we moved tables, one of the girls playing pool came up to us, asking where we came from. Or more precisely, she came up to Marianne, asking her where she came from. After Marianne started stumbling a bit in her conversation with the Polish girl, I joined the conversation but the Polish girl became visibly annoyed when I did so.
Some time later, after Data and I had observed the group of friends the Polish girl was with, it became clear she was a lesbian and that she was double dating with another girl and two boys, both gay. When Data came back from a sanitary stop, one of the boys made a pass at him: "Hey gorgeous, what are you doing tonight?"

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