Live concert of Doe Maar

What a concert! When Doe Maar split up in 1984 I wasn’t really aware of the importance and quality of the band. Only several years later, when I started to become a real fan of the band did I realise that I HAD missed out, not being part of the screaming crowds of girls shouting for Ernst Jansz or Henny Vrienten. Not that I wanted to shout for the same reasons as they did, mind you.

So when Doe Maar announced their reunion, CD and concerts, it started itching and eventually, I bought tickets for the show. And what a show it was.

They had a play list they followed. Quite good, a combination of old and new, but the band really started to take of at the end of the play list and during the comebacks on stage. They really, really, REALLY had the crowd on their hands. It was madness! It was terrific!

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