Array ( [total] => 9 [pageSize] => 24 [page] => 0 [results] => Array ( [627] => Array ( [iID] => 627 [tTitle] => The days of our lives [tSlug] => the-days-of-our-lives [iTime] => 1200610800 [iUpdate] => 1200610800 [tDescription] => With my three months under the belt, my 'new' contract has gone in effect, seeing me staying in Chiang Mai for another six months. On my timeline, that's just slightly less than eternity. I'm working on interesting stuff, however, deploying a social news network, around the globe. The bulk of the work will be moving existing users from a legacy system to this new environment. Some 25.000 of them. To get things going, I'm currently planned to go to Uganda in a few weeks time. After that, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and more might be next. Maybe six months are going to be manageable. One of Betsy's classmates in her Thai class, Khunjamon (well, her real name is Anja), does an internship at Citylife, a local monthly full color English language magazine. A while back, we also visited a lomography exhibition here in Chiang Mai. I saw an opportunity and sowed the seeds for the first Chiang Mai photomarathon. All went well and, last week, with the director of Citylife, we gave the go ahead to the Chiang Mai photomarathon. Prizes and sponsoring were going to be sourced through Citylife's business network and were going to be plenty. Then, this week, Canon called Citylife, asking for a one page ad in next month's magazine, advertising for the 'Chiang Mai photomarathon', four weeks before we had ours planned. Ain't that a bitch. What I find most annoying is the fact that the Canon photomarathon isn't a photomarathon at all. The details are still very sketchy, but Canon's earlier activities in the region, which were called photomarathons, actually consisted of three tasks or themes over an 8 hour period. Marathon? More like a leisurely walk. Now, we're going to wait and see what happens. Most likely, our event will be postponed by a few months. But every downside has its upside. I'm bloody busy with work as well as a few other clients. Not having to work on the website for the Chiang Mai photomarathon does save me some time. A funny note Generally, I'm not impressed by stuff other people forward me through email. I've had enough of chain letters, dying children, Microsoft giving away billions and whatnot. Then a colleague of mine sent me this...
With seasonal depression here, we find now that even mental health systems are affected by out sourcing. I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline. Got a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.
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[iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20080118 ) [612] => Array ( [iID] => 612 [tTitle] => The King and Neoism [tSlug] => the-king-and-neoism [iTime] => 1196982000 [iUpdate] => 1196982000 [tDescription] => Thai love their King. In fact, they're crazy for the man. Every Monday, the majority of Thai wear a yellow shirt in honor of their king, Bhumibol's recent three week hospitalization saw the nation holding its collective breath and many farang feared for Bhumibol not making it to his 80th birthday this last Wednesday. The man has and celebrations were widespread, if not at all comparable to, say, the queen's birthday celebrations in the Netherlands. Here, it's much more distinguished, the most prominent event in Chiang Mai being collective candle burning while singing the national anthem (or perhaps the royal anthem) near Tha Pae gate. On Friday, we visited the minimal gallery where Neoist Istvan Kantor did a good, aggresive and impressive, show (you can read my write up on the show) which was followed, on Saturday, but a relaxed visit to Doi Sakhet, not unlike Doi Suthep, and ComPeung, where Kantor was doing his one month artist's residency. At the minimal gallery, there was also a Lomography photo exhibition. That, together with talking to Betsy's friend Kunjamon, a photographer intern at Citylife magazine, meant that the seeds for a Chiang Mai photomarathon are now sown. 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[iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20071207 ) [3871] => Array ( [iID] => 3871 [tTitle] => Photomarathon Pretoria 2007 submissions [tSlug] => photomarathon-pretoria-2007-submissions [iTime] => 1189461600 [iUpdate] => 1189461600 [tDescription] => The submissions to the 2007 Pretoria photomarathon will be exhibited quite differently as compared to February's show after the Johannesburg photomarathon. Because the exhibition space where the works will be on show now, the Outlet gallery in Pretoria (from September 28, if you're interested), is so small, there simply wouldn't be enough room to exhibit even a quarter of all the photographs if I'd use the same method. Also, it was a bloody pain to string them all up. The works will be exhibited in two ways: As a video slide show and as one poster with all the submissions as thumbnails. The poster is released under a creative commons license. In this case, that means you can copy it, but not make money with it. You have to specify who the original authors are and you can't make any derivative works. All that said, what you can do is download it and print it. The work which is hosted at Flickr prints to a nice 41cm by 36cm at 300dpi or 82cm by 72cm at 150dpi file. However, as there's an upload limit of 10MB for images uploaded to Flickr, the original, which is not on Flickr, prints sweetly to 82cm by 72cm at 300dpi or double those numbers at 150dpi. If you're interested in obtaining a large hi-def print (82x72cm at 300dpi), you can order one with me for 350 Rand. That is at cost (remember, creative commons). However, this also means you will have to pick up your print at the opening of the exhibition of the Pretoria photomarathon, on September 28. You will also have to pick it up before 7pm. There's also another print going to be available with the winning photographs and photographers highlighted in the matrix of images. How to I had quite a struggle getting the above image together. You'd think it's fairly straightforward, but it wasn't. Here's how I ended up constructing the work.
  1. Resize all original photographs with the longest side no longer than 640 pixels. I used FastStone image viewer for this. It's fast and does good resizing. I'm not aware of a fast, good, simple program under OS X that does that too, easily. Fireworks also could do it, but struggles if you want to batch files from different source folders.
  2. Crop all resized images. Also done with FastStone image viewer. It turns out all these digital cameras shoot at slightly different dimensions. The shortest short side of the resized images was 427 pixels, the longest 480. I cropped all images, taking the middle 420x420 pixels.
  3. Rename all files. Again with FastStone. Every photographer has his own folder with his 13 images (12 themes plus one photographer ID). For each folder, I ran a batch that renamed all the files, numbering them sequentially from 0 to 12.
  4. Create a local web page that shows all pictures using javascript. I first wanted to construct the matrix using Fireworks. Here, you can drag files onto the canvas, opening them inside the current document. Handy. There's a grid to which you can snap your images. Handy. However, my version of Fireworks can not handle files larger than 6000x6000 pixels. Problem. And, as it turns out, images don't always snap to the grid nicely. Photoshop then. Handles large files, has a grid (although the maximum grid size is small), but each image needs to be opened separately to get it onto the canvas. Problem. So I created a html page which loops through an array with all the folders of all photographers (hard coded in an array) and then prints all photos sequentially. That's why I renamed all the photos in the previous step. Of course, I only renamed them after I found Photoshop and Fireworks weren't going to do the job.
  5. Take a screenshot of the resulting page. I have a nice extension in Firefox called Screengrab! (with the exclamation mark). However, taking a screenshot of the large HTML page created a image full or rubbish. Then I tried Paparazzi! (what's with the exclamation marks?). That wouldn't make a screenshot of a local file. Then I installed a nice little app called Red Snapper for Safari (OS X's browser). A screenshot was easily made and I ended up with a picture roughly 8500x8500 pixels in size.
  6. Post process in Photoshop. Added the names of the photographers, a heading, a footer. Et Voila, as the French would say.
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[iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=3162 ) [575] => Array ( [iID] => 575 [tTitle] => Photomarathon, wine and another year [tSlug] => photomarathon-wine-and-another-year [iTime] => 1189288800 [iUpdate] => 1189288800 [tDescription] => Saturday saw the second African photomarathon, this time in Pretoria. The results are online and there are quite a few good submissions. Sunday marked the end of my 34th year on this blue rock. We went to the Cellar Rats 2007 spring wine festival. Wasn't bad at all. 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[iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20070909 ) [526] => Array ( [iID] => 526 [tTitle] => Photomarathon exhibition; hash in Jo'burg; talk at Wits [tSlug] => photomarathon-exhibition-hash-in-joburg-talk-at-wits [iTime] => 1173913200 [iUpdate] => 1173913200 [tDescription] => Tonight saw the opening of the exhibition of the first African photomarathon, at The Bag Factory. As we had quite a struggle to get the winning images enlarged, forexed (mounted) and framed, the last few days ended up being extremely hectic. But with a bit of help today, not in the least from lovely Betsy, we managed to get everything up and running at just after 5.30 in the afternoon. And considering we were opening the show at 5:30, it really wasn't a minute too soon. Hash Last Saturday, Betsy and I set the Pretoria hash near our home, in Jo'burg. In the afternoon, in the bleeding sun, I got to set the run while Betsy was creating a Surinamese/Dutch dish for the after party. Then, a few hours later, I got to run the route again, while Betsy was driving around, making sure everyone would get a decent and fresh drink at the halfway beer stop. Talk at Wits The day before the hash, I had a talk with Ismail Farouk at Wits university about Soweto uprisings . com. Invited by Christo Doherty, the 90 minute presentation was actually a double bill, the other half being a talk by Daniel Hirschmann, a South African artist who talked about some musical steps he created at the centre Pompidou in Paris. [iCategory] => 12 [tURL] => [iViews] => 5738 [iClicks] => 0 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 517 [iOldID] => 896 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1461972754 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => default [iHideMap] => 0 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 5 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => -26.2033 [fLongitude] => 28.0261 [tLocation] => The Bag Factory [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Blog [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 12 [categories] => Array ( [12] => Array ( [iID] => 12 [tName] => Blog [tSlug] => blog [tDescription] => Find my upcoming travel plans over at Dopplr and a listing of major (and some minor) travelogues over on the travelogues section. [iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20070315 ) [524] => Array ( [iID] => 524 [tTitle] => Listed in 'TIME' and a panel discussion [tSlug] => listed-in-time-and-a-panel-discussion [iTime] => 1172962800 [iUpdate] => 1172962800 [tDescription] => Well, not exactly TIME, but the Belgian weekly 'De Tijd'. In an article on mashups from/on the Low Countries, Brussel stripstad . be was mentioned. The article is here. Meanwhile, on Saturday, we had the panel discussion with the judges for the Jo'burg photomarathon. Turn out wasn't great, but not too bad, with some 20 people showing up to chat with Stephen Hobbs, Nadine Hutton and Andrew Tshabangu on photography in Johannesburg and about the future possibilities of the Jo'burg photomarathon. 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[iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20070304 ) [523] => Array ( [iID] => 523 [tTitle] => Photomarathon, a city walk and Chinese new year [tSlug] => photomarathon-a-city-walk-and-chinese-new-year [iTime] => 1172617200 [iUpdate] => 1172617200 [tDescription] => Last Saturday saw the first African photomarathon, in Jo'burg and, together with Bronwyn and Rat from The Bag Factory and Ismail Farouk, I was one of the organizers. It was quite a success, 69 photographers started the 12 hour marathon and only three bowed out before the end of the day. And not one because he was shot. Two follow up events are set for this Saturday, a panel discussion, and March 15, opening of the exhibition and the prize ceremony. Saturday evening, after all was over, I was feeling terrible. I thought it was simply because I was getting old and can't handle actually working hard, any more, but then Betsy realised I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. And, indeed, I wolfed down some chow and felt much, much better. Oscar A relaxed Sunday later, we had a tough night ahead as, earlier, I had won tickets to a red carpet event, here at Montecasino, where the Oscar ceremony was going to be shown on a huge cinema screen, followed by a champagne breakfast. Most winners were quite predictable and, for the first time in many years, it was again mildly interesting to see this incestuous circle jerk. City walks Earlier, in fact a few weeks earlier, I went on two city walks with Ismail. One was organized and took us through the area around the Drill Hall, the venue of the infamous Treason Trial. The other took us from The Bag Factory to the Carlton Center, scouting a route for the Photomarathon, one week later. The year of the pig Yeah, we also got assaulted by fireworks wielding Chinese in Jo'burg's Chinatown during Chinese new year's celebrations. [iCategory] => 12 [tURL] => [iViews] => 4057 [iClicks] => 0 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 517 [iOldID] => 893 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462198983 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => default [iHideMap] => 0 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 50 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => -26.2033 [fLongitude] => 28.0261 [tLocation] => The Bag Factory [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Blog [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 12 [categories] => Array ( [12] => Array ( [iID] => 12 [tName] => Blog [tSlug] => blog [tDescription] => Find my upcoming travel plans over at Dopplr and a listing of major (and some minor) travelogues over on the travelogues section. [iOrder] => 1 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => default [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => 20070228 ) [3412] => Array ( [iID] => 3412 [tTitle] => [tSlug] => photomarathon-eu [iTime] => 1153087200 [iUpdate] => 1516121089 [tDescription] => In September 2014, became online photomarathon submission management. The original website was rebuilt to allow for managing the submissions of the upcoming Johannesburg photomarathon. Backstory In October 2005, I participated in the Rotterdam photomarathon. I was so extremely charmed by the concept I offered my services to get all the participants' pictures online. I was hoping to help organize the contest in 2006, but my moving to Johannesburg put a stop to that. For several years, was used to list the world's photomarathons. Photomarathons in South Africa After moving to South Africa, in 2007, I found sponsors at The Bag Factory specifically to organize Africa's first photomarathon, the photomarathon 2007 :: Johannesburg, which was held on February 24th. The photomarathon ran for 12 hours, starting at 8am. Later in the same year, through additional sponsorhip deals, I managed to organize the Pretoria photomarathon on September 8th. A spectacular addition to this event was the video category: participants got to shoot video shorts, one minute max, of the 12 themes, a world first. It took until 2014 for the third South African photomarathon to take place, again in Johannesburg. was used as the platform for submissions management. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 11305 [iClicks] => 1722 [iRating] => 4 [iVote] => 10 [iVoters] => 2 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 421 [iOldID] => 2693 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462179751 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 2 [iFullImage] => 1 [fLatitude] => -26.0287 [fLongitude] => 28.0151 [tLocation] => Shingara Sands [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 1 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 1 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 1 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=2693 ) [2963] => Array ( [iID] => 2963 [tTitle] => Fotomarathon Rotterdam [tSlug] => fotomarathon-rotterdam [iTime] => 1128204000 [iUpdate] => 1128204000 [tDescription] => I came back this morning from 24 hours of walking around Rotterdam, taking pictures for a new and hopefully yearly event, the 'Fotomarathon Rotterdam'. Here, participants get assigned four themes every four hours and asked to shoot one picture for each theme. Fun, even though it was fresh and rainy. Although near the end I was starting to get too tired to care. 24 hours is a very long time. It's a good thing the plan is to, next year, do it in June. We received the themes in sets of four, every four hours and most notably the first four themes were the hardest. Not so much because of the particular themes, but because of having to 'change my mindset' and tune in to the possibilities around me. Then, the photographers shooting digital (like me) had a major advantage over the guys using analogue. The analogue guys where only allowed to hand over one role of film with 24 images. 24 images in the right sequence, the order in which the themes were handed over. The guys shooting digital also were allowed to only hand in 24 pictures in the right order, but they were allowed to shoot as many images as they liked, deleting the bad ones. As long as the order of the 24 images they submitted was the same in which they were communicated. Some of the images I'm really happy about. Only after finishing did I realise it would have been interesting to use my model-of-the-day in every picture, not 'just' the 10 he is in now. + The open door. The picture is a close-up of the Paulus Kerk, a church where homeless people and junks can find a place to stay and receive support. + Different. + Tiny exhibition. + The end of the world. Taken on the pier in front of Hotel New York, from where, in the past, emigrants would leave for the new world. + From 2005. + Vegetate. + In tatters. + A strong (little) steel. The Dutch translation for this is a saying denoting an impressive feat. + Deflower. The Dutch translation of this ('ont-dekken') can be interpreted as 'discovery'. + Superficial visit. + Beyond the city. + Feeding time. + Against. The Dutch translation ('tegen'), can be interpreted as 'stop'. + Through the dust. The Dutch translation is a saying denoting someone is taking a lot of (verbal) abuse. + Yours is bigger than mine. + Wall decoration. + 2-10-2005 2:07AM. + O.D.This is not your place. + Insomnia. + On the 7th day. + Angel of the night. + On the skin. Waiting to be uncovered. I took 'uncovered' in the sense of 'discovered'. The two guys in the picture are fellow-photographers from the fotomarathon. [iCategory] => 10 [tURL] => [iViews] => 7600 [iClicks] => 1839 [iRating] => 3 [iVote] => 20 [iVoters] => 5 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 388 [iOldID] => 2249 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1461976017 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => default [iHideMap] => 0 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 24 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => 51.9175 [fLongitude] => 4.48834 [tLocation] => Fotomarathon hotspot [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Photography [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 10 [categories] => Array ( [10] => Array ( [iID] => 10 [tName] => Photography [tSlug] => photography [tDescription] => All my photos worth looking at reside on Flickr. Check out what Flickr thinks are my more interesting products and notice that most of them are of a sexual nature.

Also check out my blog listing the world's photomarathons. [iOrder] => 4 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => thumbnailed [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=2249 ) ) ) Keyword: photomarathon ::