The King and Neoism

Chasing the flies away
Hot water the fish lives in cold water the fish dies
To catch someone with the leather and horns
To dive for a needle in the ocean
Measure someone else's footsteps
Cut off a dog's tail and leavce it at the temple
Old cows like to eat fresh grass
Plow the fields on someone's back
Something about chasing dogs?
Full of courtesey, full of craft
Pick a flower in the sky
The chicken acquire a precious stone
When you live in the other's house, don't ignore to do everything useful for them
When the water rises, the fish eat the ants; when the water falls, the ants eat the fish
A chick in the hand
Smash the rice pot
A pig tail collects a ball of clay
Danger comes from putting too much reliance upon others
Going up the steps
Let it burn
Waving the flag
Holding the fire
White on white
The artist at work
On the floor
Putting the work on the wall
The creation
An unusual flag
Off the wall
Colourful girls
She's got legs
To wash dirty linen in public
See an elephant shit and you want to shit like him
Don't play with fire
The bull with a gaping wound on its back
A poor man who suddenly becomes rich!
To teach a crocodile to swim
To split hard wood with an axe
Tying a gold leaf to the back of a buddha image
A dog barks at dried banana leaves
If you play with a dog the dog will your mouth
Build castles in the air
Catch the fishes within two hands
When the beans are cooked, the sesame is burnt
A drop of water on a lotus leaf
Little birds build the nest according to their size
if you have a quarter, save until you make it up a baht
To play the fiddle to a water buffalo
A tiger hides its claws
Golden face
Istvan Kantor and Ong
Eying the flames
Red flag
What's left
The writing on the wall
Dripping down
Purple smoke
Abstract performance
Cuddling the wall
Fanning the flames
A sparkle
Getting ready with the flag
Wall beating
Wall paintings
Istvan and Ong
Foot on heels
Pretty for the king
Ready to go on stage

Thai love their King. In fact, they’re crazy for the man. Every Monday, the majority of Thai wear a yellow shirt in honor of their king, Bhumibol’s recent three week hospitalization saw the nation holding its collective breath and many farang feared for Bhumibol not making it to his 80th birthday this last Wednesday.
The man has and celebrations were widespread, if not at all comparable to, say, the queen’s birthday celebrations in the Netherlands. Here, it’s much more distinguished, the most prominent event in Chiang Mai being collective candle burning while singing the national anthem (or perhaps the royal anthem) near Tha Pae gate.

On Friday, we visited the minimal gallery where Neoist Istvan Kantor did a good, aggresive and impressive, show (you can read my write up on the show) which was followed, on Saturday, but a relaxed visit to Doi Sakhet, not unlike Doi Suthep, and ComPeung, where Kantor was doing his one month artist’s residency.

At the minimal gallery, there was also a Lomography photo exhibition. That, together with talking to Betsy’s friend Kunjamon, a photographer intern at Citylife magazine, meant that the seeds for a Chiang Mai photomarathon are now sown.

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