The King and Neoism

Thai love their King. In fact, they’re crazy for the man. Every Monday, the majority of Thai wear a yellow shirt in honor of their king, Bhumibol’s recent three week hospitalization saw the nation holding its collective breath and many farang feared for Bhumibol not making it to his 80th birthday this last Wednesday.
The man has and celebrations were widespread, if not at all comparable to, say, the queen’s birthday celebrations in the Netherlands. Here, it’s much more distinguished, the most prominent event in Chiang Mai being collective candle burning while singing the national anthem (or perhaps the royal anthem) near Tha Pae gate.

On Friday, we visited the minimal gallery where Neoist Istvan Kantor did a good, aggresive and impressive, show (you can read my write up on the show) which was followed, on Saturday, but a relaxed visit to Doi Sakhet, not unlike Doi Suthep, and ComPeung, where Kantor was doing his one month artist’s residency.

At the minimal gallery, there was also a Lomography photo exhibition. That, together with talking to Betsy’s friend Kunjamon, a photographer intern at Citylife magazine, meant that the seeds for a Chiang Mai photomarathon are now sown.

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