17 Feb

In Podgorica



15 Aug

Traveling with an iPad, redux

3 Aug

Gotta catch them all

20 Jul

When in Romania

27 Apr

The many sights of Banjul

25 Apr

Of crocs, bumsters and beaches

6 Apr

Down, on the beach



15 Dec

To the ends of the world

11 Aug

Photographing the photographer

29 Jun

Finding a stiffy next to the Liffey

27 Jun

Tourists in Delft

21 Jun

Brighton… rocks!

17 Jun

I must be on my way

6 Jan

Work shmork



26 Dec

In Dar

24 Dec

TAZARA, a challenge

28 Nov

Hot springs, a country estate, kingdom halls and YUCCs

3 Oct

Back in Budapest

24 Sep

Trying to get to Saigon

23 Sep

Rainy Hoi An