The many sights of Banjul

Streets of Banjul
Out of town
The Woil Wide Altern Tive
You, sir, have no parking moral!
Religion was here
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Before coming to Gambia, I grumbled my way into booking a hotel into what effectively is a huge tourist destination on the Gambian coast, as opposed to staying in the nation's capital.
Now, after really enjoying the touristy area outside Banjul, before heading to Dakar the next day, we decided to stay in Banjul for one night to check out the city and to make our departure slightly less cumbersome. Spending the day in Banjul, it took us not even half a day to take in the sights. Bit then again, with only some 35000 inhabitants, it's not surprising this tiny capital hasn't got too much to offer.

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