1 Sep


1 Jun

The impeachment of Bolsonaro hot



27 Dec

Of UFOs and a flying monk

20 Nov

No stress

20 Jun

This is my blood you drink, this is my body, you eat

24 Mar

The seven eyes of Angra

18 Mar

Can you smell the fennel?

11 Jan

Portuguese Guyana, at last

7 Jan

Of cheese, wine and borders



25 Dec

From Boa Vista to Georgetown

23 Dec

Of piranhas and jaguars

10 Dec

Por trás do alimento

20 Nov

The capital of Dutch Brazil

24 Sep

The Road Monument of Rio de Janeiro

5 Feb

Amazônia Resiste

2 Jan

The leaning towers of Santos



17 Nov

Running the networks

31 Oct

Into the garden

24 Oct

What’s the competition at the World Summit Award – Redux

8 Aug

Who owns the bus you take to work… and is in jail?