9 Jul

Back to Africa



15 Jul

Quickly through Rwanda

1 Apr

Africa the little engine



30 Oct

A quick review of a few recruitment tools

18 Feb

Elections, jobs and Twitter porn



14 Aug

It’s time for the African renaissance

16 Jun


10 Jun

My brilliant divorce

8 Jun

Hot wax pussi cats

30 May

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

23 May

The Dar goat races and TEDxDAR

16 May

Is this the way to Bagamoyo

9 May

Biking, bussing and commenting

3 May

Art, koninginnedag and Hello Kitty

5 Apr

It’s the falls!

27 Mar

The middle classes, bread, tilt shifting and site building

20 Mar

Art overload

18 Mar

Public art in Dar

8 Mar

Chachachacha Changes!

7 Feb

Shake that