A quick review of a few recruitment tools

I’m in Dar, for Twaweza, enjoying the Swahili coast. Besides updating their websites, I’m also looking into solutions to simplify their process of filling vacancies. Sure, a custom built solution is an option, but I figured there would perhaps be a few open, or cheap, solutions on the market. I investigated.

Joobsbox (version 0.9.20090730). Looks nice and easily installs but is a bit buggy, as nesting categories constantly fails. It’s really only a job board with basic functionality.

Jobberbase (version 1.9.1). Is more functional, but I couldn’t get this to work on my first try. The application first couldn’t connect to the database and it wasn’t very clear where I had to configure the database settings. Then, when I got the application to connect,  files were downloaded, instead of rendered by the browser.

Trying again from a fresh install, the application decided to work. Jobberbase certainly looks decent and is quite configurable but, in the end, is still only a jobboard.

OPJobBoard (version 1.4). The SQL scripts to populate the database fail. The provider’s forum nor demo works. Some rooting around got the system up and running. It looks outdated, but functions to some extent. However, it’s a usability nightmare. Also only a jobboard.

I did not try JobHut (version 1.2.1).

Of the three products, Jobberbase by far is the most usable one, and certainly looks the best. Still, none of these is a solution for actually managing the application procedure.

Recruity is more suitable for recruitment management, but also feels like a horribly complex application and is certainly overwhelming.

OSScube Recruit, built on SugarCRM, offers similar complexity.

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More straightforward, perhaps less powerful, but certainly less overwhelming and offering a free plan, is the hosted Zoho recruit. More powerful functionality comes at a small fee. Sadly, customization seems to be limited.

Similar to Zoho recruit, smart recruiters allows you to manage your recruitment process online, for free.


The best open source jobboard is Jobberbase, hands down. None of the more proper recruitment management solutions seemed to be suitable, however, all being too complex or not complex enough. I’m now leaning towards a custom built solution, perhaps using Google Docs to create application forms and store applicants’ data.

Any suggestions for solutions are more than welcome.