My brilliant divorce

What a poster claimed to be Katy’s 60th performance in Dar is a one-woman one-act piece directed by Phyllis CraunSelka. The show, at Dar’s Little Theater, comes with a three course meal and cheap drinks in a setting resembling a quirky cafe. The play is rather English oriented and a few of the references even passed me by and, as with Tuesday’s performance, the audience was exclusively white. Spoiler ahead.

In the 90-minute or so play, Katy’s, at least, middle aged character reveals her experiences and feelings after her long term husband reveals he’s divorcing her, leaving her for what turns out to be a series of Pretty Young Things. With their daughter leaving the house, she’s left with only the daughter’s dog and a three year story of dealing with the separation.

Katy started off the evening in a mood that suggested she was still trying to find her footing. As it was the third show in as many days. I’d expected she would have ironed this out by now.
That said, after the first ten minutes or so, she properly slipped into the role and put down a very decent, occasionally rather good, performance.

Production quality could have been better, with the sound and light men, or man, making small and unnecessary mistakes too often.
The story, being a mix of comedy and drama, was a lovely sometimes bitter sometimes sweet little tale. Though, with the whole story being told retrospectively, the main character already knowing the rather positive ending, the tale could have been more expansive, both in its dramatic and its comedic aspects.

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