Ready to go under
Oh say can you see...?
This little piggy

Last Tuesday, Niamh had her last day at work and showed up in Dar the next. With only a three hour delay on the 2.5 hour flight, I suppose it could have been worse, though the delay could at least have been announced at the airport, to avoid me having to wait in limbo.

What followed was a week of entertainment, perhaps in part to compensate for the 100 USD the Irish have to pay to get into the country. That is, we had to get our money’s worth.

We spent three days on or near the water. One on south beach, at Mikadi, one on Bongoyo and one, with housemates David and Magda, on their boat just off the coast of Bongoyo.
There, some 30 meters out from the shore, we snorkeled, investigating a shipwreck lounging just under the surface. A spooky experience, the first time the broken hull shows up in front of your submerged face.

Earlier, on the Monday, Niamh mused me into winning the quiz for the second time, after her presence inspired me when she was here last time. This time, though, a drink-off wasn’t necessary as the straight win saw us far ahead of the competition.

As far as culinary experiences go, we weren’t shortchanged, visiting Le Corsica, the Badminton Club, Fairy Delights, Best Bite, but missing out on Chef’s pride.

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