18 Mar

Can you smell the fennel?

14 Mar

Of weddings and awards

11 Jan

Portuguese Guyana, at last

7 Jan

Of cheese, wine and borders

2 Jan

A return to Paramaribo



27 Dec

In the city named after the first king of Hannover

25 Dec

From Boa Vista to Georgetown

23 Dec

Of piranhas and jaguars

21 Dec

In search for the Guyanas

20 Nov

The capital of Dutch Brazil

6 Oct

And now, the tables have turned

24 Sep

The Road Monument of Rio de Janeiro

4 Jul

Foldable bikes as hand luggage

28 Jun


23 Jun

A wedding in Budapest

19 Jun

The radio is playing some forgotten song

18 Jun

Um er-Rasas and Kerak

16 Jun

The Rock

15 Jun

The city of brotherly love

11 Jun

Once rose from the sea