23 Dec

Of piranhas and jaguars

21 Dec

In search for the Guyanas

20 Nov

The capital of Dutch Brazil

6 Oct

And now, the tables have turned

24 Sep

The Road Monument of Rio de Janeiro

4 Jul

Foldable bikes as hand luggage

28 Jun


23 Jun

A wedding in Budapest

19 Jun

The radio is playing some forgotten song

18 Jun

Um er-Rasas and Kerak

16 Jun

The Rock

15 Jun

The city of brotherly love

11 Jun

Once rose from the sea

9 Jun

Going the distance

8 Jun

My personal Northern Crusade

10 Apr

Strike three

9 Apr

The gem of El Jem

8 Apr

A lack of tourists in Tunisia

6 Apr

Ancient Carthage

4 Apr

Crossing our sea