26 Oct

Wales photomarathon 2021

22 Oct

Another year, another WSA

12 Sep

The 900km train ride into the Amazon

7 Sep

Sand in my ears, and everywhere else

2 Sep

The oldest whipping post in the country

1 Sep

The home of Brazilian reggae

30 Aug

Denmark Photomarathon 2021

30 Aug

The largest cashew tree in the world

29 Aug

Over a barrel for a photomarathon

26 Aug

The end of the line

25 Aug

A quiet visit to Natal

27 Jul

Second class citizen

30 Jan

The biggest pussy

28 Jan

Life’s a (nude) beach

24 Jan

Travel in the time of COVID



25 Dec

The cheese capital of Brazil: Alagoa

19 Nov

The way you make me feel

2 Oct

The Great Giana Sisters, mapped!

29 Aug

Denmark photomarathon 2020

2 Jun

Strategies for subverting the tyranny of the corporate map