24 Dec

Marvelling at the Blue Towers

20 Dec

To cross the Strait of Magellan

17 Dec

A flight to Ushuaia

28 Nov

A roof tile with fish, in Goiás

1 Oct

30 Days of Prompts

5 Sep

Migrating WordPress, step by step

2 Aug

And with a dash of Luanda

29 Jun

300 years in Portugal

15 Jun


11 May


10 May

It was capitalism all along!

14 Apr

Regionalism in the Middle East

6 Apr

Strong civil society weakens weak democratic institutions

28 Mar

Thoughts on East Asia

3 Mar

Volt’s political flavour

18 Jan

The cashew tree of the parrots



29 Dec

Short story: I’m a skeleton

22 Dec

The return to the cheese

29 Nov

On the trail of the Iran-Contras

5 Nov

Of travel and tests