30 Days of Prompts

For Sound Walk September 2022, the main event organised by walk · listen · create was 30 Days of Prompts, a continuous, 30-day event, where participants were given two prompts per day, with the aim of exploring the urban space around them.

The platform, naturally, was going to be Dérive app, though I also published all 60 tasks on a dedicated Twitter account, in case having to install an app was going to put off too many people.

Signups were promising, but, in the end, participation was limited. Except that I myself, always a sucker for events resembling a photomarathon, made a point of completing the full exercise.

My original plan was to have the event consist of 30 prompts. I upped this to 60, one every 12 hours, but I found that this was not ideal. The darker 12 hours of each day make it difficult to complete tasks, and I often found myself completing two tasks in short succession during daytime, an argument for not two prompts a day, but just one.

For myself, I’d happily redo a similar event. The marathon nature makes it challenging, and its integration into day-to-day activities livens up the daily grind, while its long duration generates variety.

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