15 Jun

The city of brotherly love

11 Jun

Once rose from the sea

9 Jun

Going the distance

8 Jun

My personal Northern Crusade

20 Apr

6wbw :: No people, no explanations

10 Apr

Strike three

9 Apr

The gem of El Jem

8 Apr

A lack of tourists in Tunisia

6 Apr

Ancient Carthage

4 Apr

Crossing our sea

3 Apr

Before Romans, Etruscans

2 Apr

The Mouth of Rome

1 Apr

The pleasure gardens of Rome

31 Mar

In the footsteps of the Caesars

26 Mar

She walked in the cold air

2 Jan

The leaning towers of Santos



2 Nov

7DBW – Seven days of black and white photos

31 Oct

Into the garden

24 Oct

What’s the competition at the World Summit Award – Redux

3 Oct

Napoleon remains in Rio