Array ( [total] => 30 [pageSize] => 24 [page] => 1 [results] => Array ( [2006] => Array ( [iID] => 2006 [tTitle] => [tSlug] => inzim-com [iTime] => 1074121200 [iUpdate] => 1516117482 [tDescription] => When I went to Zimbabwe in 2004, it was to be for some two years. There were few resources on former Rhodesia on the web and I toyed with the idea of building a useful online platform. Specifically, what seemed to be lacking, was a good portal. So, in the few days before heading south, I threw together a very reasonable portal on all things Zimbabwean and called it Technically, the portal leaned heavily on work by DUware, although I found the code of their CMS/portal rather buggy to start with. Rebranding as a news portal In early 2006, it was time to completely overhaul Though many visitors stopped by, few contributors participated actually participated. I threw out the concept of the portal and had the site focus on African news, photos and weather forecasts. The site was rebranded as reloaded. The news was sourced from, with pictures coming from Flickr. Yet another rebranding In early 2011, after some inspiration triggered by browsing the excellent projects of the guys over at MapBox, I updated the site yet again. Specifically their interesting Managing News application spurned my interest, in part tipped off by a friend, in part after having a chat with a Dutch web developer in Uganda.  Managing News is essentially an RSS-based news aggregator which plots incoming news on a map. I installed it, learned that it is based on Drupal, and found that, though rather pretty to look at, was also a tad slow. What was more, Managing News didn't do two things I think are essential for an application like this. It didn't recognize the locations in geoRSS feeds and it didn't recognize duplicate items sourced from individual RSS feeds. So, I decided to throw together a similar setup, coded by hand in PHP and jQuery, with a MySQL backend and use it to replace The, again, rebranded revolutions still serves up news form Africa, coming in through the plethora of RSS feeds available from RSS imports are done using Magpie and RSS to geoRSS conversion is done through a Geonames service, from where I also source individual place names. The map is, of course, Google Maps. The functionality of the new inZIM is essentially the same as what I've built several times in the past few years for a couple of clients in the health industry. There, too, multiple information sources were trawled, filtered, and then displayed on a Google map.  However, as the variety of news sources for these clients was significant, a little bit of overhead, content administration, was required to optimize those systems' output.  Sadly, with that content administration lacking, my clients not taking the time, really, those services weren't able to add value to their users. revolutions is different, in that all the news is already coming from a highly targeted source where extensive selecting and editing is already done before the articles are sent out into the world, meaning the quality of the content will be better by design, requiring less outside interference to optimize the information displayed. World Summit Award In March 2011, was nominated for the World Summit Award Global Contest as the best e-Content example in e-Science & Technology from Uganda. Partaking in a MOOC In August 2013, I partook in a MOOC called Maps and the Geospatial Revolution. For the course's final project, I extended inZIM revolutions to provide a historical view of news plotted on the map of Africa. With this, it's now possible to see the focus of the world's attention shift from one day to the next, creating a historical narrative of news on and from Africa. The one obvious conclusion is that, even during the unrest in Egypt, AllAfrica's news sources still predominantly focus on sub-saharan Africa. Additionally, the individual news articles are, where possible, matched with Flickr photos through their tags and locations. The biggest issue I had to resolve (and of which I'm not totally sure it now has been) was the seemingly inconsistent character encodings of the news stories and locations that were pulled in through the different services. In preperation for a mobile app In November 2015, I streamlined much of the website in preperation for a mobile app I intend to build, serving the news available through In December 2015, the app became available on the iOS app store. Materialized In March 2017, was rebuilt using Materialize, a front-end framework inspired by Google's Material Design philosophy. 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[iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=1181 ) [1677] => Array ( [iID] => 1677 [tTitle] => Lijst 14 nummer 16 [tSlug] => lijst-14-nummer-16 [iTime] => 1041980400 [iUpdate] => 1516117297 [tDescription] => On the 22nd of January, the Dutch national elections are coming up. I'm running as well, so if you happen to be Dutch: VOTE BABA! Today, I came back from fitness and drove past one of those signboards they put up specially for the election periods and our poster was up there. My name is up there. Needless to say, I felt goooooooood. Additionally, I created a small website where I try to promote myself for the next elections. It's located here and you can win 2 cinema vouchers for promoting the site. Visite the URL and WIN THOSE TICKETS! On a side note: This message is the 500th posting in my weblog! Hurray! (24 jan: We didn't make it. Three people won cinematickets and the site was taken offline.) Back story After the stupidest party EVER won big in last year's Dutch national elections, I figured it would be possible, even easy, to participate in the next elections and even end up with a couple of seats. I realized that spending big on a major campaign would not be an option, so I decided I would start working on it some two years before the next elections and slowly make myself known through the common subconcious, mostly through a website, directed at promoting Lijst Baba and the party's values and ideas. Unfortunately, the proponent of the party that won big was shot, killed, just before the May elections and the government got disbanded in October, resulting in early elections. Suddenly, I had no time to put my plan to work. I had to come up with an alternative. Enter the Partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future). Run by a slightly chaotic, absurdly positive workaholic with more ideas than you can shake a stick at, the Partij van de Toekomst already took part in the May elections and now wants to strike back with a vengeance. Earlier, we had been busy collecting autographs from all over the country. A new party is required to collect thirty autographs from all 19 districts in the Netherlands. We made it, just in time. 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[iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=528 ) [1653] => Array ( [iID] => 1653 [tTitle] => [tSlug] => beeldenstad-net [iTime] => 1037746800 [iUpdate] => 1516117150 [tDescription] => A collaborative, social, mapping platform for art in public spaces. Taken offline in early 2010. Eventually, the site extensively covered public art in Delft, Rotterdam, Brussels, Amsterdam, Budapest and Johannesburg. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 7628 [iClicks] => 587 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 5 [iVoters] => 1 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 561 [iOldID] => 504 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1461990110 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 1 [iFullImage] => 2 [fLatitude] => 51.9228 [fLongitude] => 4.45848 [tLocation] => Woongroep Buitensporig [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=504 ) [1645] => Array ( [iID] => 1645 [tTitle] => Irsia [tSlug] => irsia [iTime] => 1036364400 [iUpdate] => 1516117129 [tDescription] => It's been a while in the making, but finally, it's here: Irsia. Irsia is an ASP (Active Server Pages) based, database driven CMS (Content Management System) for any kind and size of website. The core feature of is that it's based on objects and relationships. Objects Information which you manage through is stored in objects. Users can create as many different types of objects as they like: pages, stories, chapters, cities, keywords, etc. Objects have a number of standard features (such as title, number and creation date) and can be assigned any other feature, relevant to your particular needs. Be it a description, a URL, an imagelink, a color, etc. Relationships Objects have relationships with eachother, allowing for any kind of complexity within a website. A relationship can be hierarchical (perfect for a website, think of the breadcrumbs you often encounter near the top of webpages) or of any kind defined by the user. Examples could be 'Author', 'Friend', 'Is located near', etc.. And work flow too Additionally, there are two different types of users defined within Irsia: Administrators and regular users. This setup allows for managing on- and off-line content which is already stored on the website but only viewable when authorised by an administrator. Multiple languages Irsia also makes it possible to store multilingual content in one system. If you're managing multilingual content with, for example, identical articles in different languages, can help you out. All objects and all properties can be assigned a language of your choice. If only it would also translate your texts... Discontinued in 2009. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 11065 [iClicks] => 1082 [iRating] => 4 [iVote] => 32 [iVoters] => 10 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 5 [iOldID] => 494 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462152153 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 0 [iFullImage] => 2 [fLatitude] => 52.0109 [fLongitude] => 4.33628 [tLocation] => Home [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=494 ) [1404] => Array ( [iID] => 1404 [tTitle] => [tSlug] => portreat-com [iTime] => 988927200 [iUpdate] => 1516116667 [tDescription] => Portreat's photographers would shoot images of visitors at events and put them online, free to download, but with a charge for ordering prints. October 2007: was taken offline, pictures were transferred to Flickr. Two of my own sets were not transferred: Pictures from celebrating crowds during the Holland - Argentina match of last year's World Cup soccer, taken in Johannesburg, and photos from the Rotterdam streetparade a few years back. The first set of pictures was on a hard disk stolen from me, last year in Jo'burg. The second set has somehow managed to escape my archival tendencies. The sets which were contributed by other photographers have been deleted. March 2012: Photos from a short-lived Portreat revival at a wedding in Brighton. November 2014: Photos from a journalistic event in Sao Paulo. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 7990 [iClicks] => 1278 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 13 [iVoters] => 6 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 1482 [iOldID] => 193 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462179737 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 54 [iFullImage] => 0 [fLatitude] => -23.5602 [fLongitude] => -46.6438 [tLocation] => Outros Palavras [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) [10] => Array ( [iID] => 10 [tName] => Photography [tSlug] => photography [tDescription] => All my photos worth looking at reside on Flickr. Check out what Flickr thinks are my more interesting products and notice that most of them are of a sexual nature.

Also check out my blog listing the world's photomarathons. [iOrder] => 4 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => thumbnailed [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 0 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=193 ) [1415] => Array ( [iID] => 1415 [tTitle] => [tSlug] => travelhog-net [iTime] => 978303600 [iUpdate] => 1516116608 [tDescription] => "The web's best travelogues." The site, which went live in early 2001 and died 8 years later, was a collection of online travelogues, offline books and eCards. Users could submit their own travelogues, send eCards, shop, or visit other travelogues. Up to 2003,'s popularity rivaled that of websites of several of Holland's national newspapers, but lack of commitment and supervision slowly saw the site's popularity slide. But already in late 2001, resided in the top 1% of most visited websites in the world. In early 2006, the website was structurally updated, though the robust underlying system was kept. A lot of the functionality was stripped, taking away the listings of pictures (which Flickr does much better), of links (which does much better) of books (which Amazon does much better) and of events (which no one really did well until came on the scene). The focus went back to the core functionality: listing travelogues. The graphical redesign of this updated was strongly based on work by James at Six Shooter Media. In late 2008, the website was retired and the remaining travelogues were moved to the social bookmarking website oneview, where they were listed in the TravelHog network. In 2015, oneview shut its doors. In August 2009, the domain was retired. Custom travelogues that also bit the dust included: + It doesn't matter which road you take by Vince Yanez. (Now available at + The Coast Road. + Cycling an Island Paradise. + Exotic Poland.  + Mike's Trip by Mike Deasy. [iCategory] => 6 [tURL] => [iViews] => 23102 [iClicks] => 1479 [iRating] => 0 [iVote] => 0 [iVoters] => 0 [iRedirect] => 0 [tISBN] => [iLocation] => 5 [iOldID] => 194 [tCover] => [iAccess] => 1462238630 [iHot] => 0 [tTemplateName] => sparse [iHideMap] => 1 [iForSale] => 0 [iImages] => 1 [iFullImage] => 2 [fLatitude] => 52.0109 [fLongitude] => 4.33628 [tLocation] => Home [iPrimaryCategoryFeatured] => 0 [tCategory] => Own stuff [iCategoryFeatured] => 0 [iPrimaryCategory] => 6 [categories] => Array ( [6] => Array ( [iID] => 6 [tName] => Own stuff [tSlug] => own-stuff [tDescription] => Erich Fromm said that "creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" and, without giving freedom to my creativity, I'd die. [iOrder] => 2 [iActive] => 1 [tType] => article [tTemplateName] => sparse [iFeatured] => 0 [iPrimary] => 1 ) ) [flickrTag] => bf:blogitem=194 ) ) ) Keyword: independent projects ::