I was bored, so threw together an events listing for Lusaka.

There’s a magazine, the Lowdown, which is sold here, in Lusaka, which tries to be something of a “What’s on” guide. It isn’t too bad, and quite useful for the events listing, but the additional content is rather, ehm, mediocre. They also have a website which hasn’t been updated since… 2007!

So, as one of the hardest things here in Lusaka, as far as the social scene is concerned, is finding out what’s on where and when, I figured I’d throw something together. Here’s the credits.

+ The events are listed at, in the LusakaLive group. Anyone can add events to the group which will then automatically show up on
+ Latest news comes in through Google news.
+ Latest development news comes in through
+ Tweets from the Lusaka area are, obviously, from Twitter.
+ The commenting system comes from Disqus.
+ The design is based on the design of, which was based on a design from styleshout.
+ The PHP Twitter class used for displaying tweets was authored by David Billingham, Aaron Brazell and Keith Casey.
+ RSS feeds are read using MagpieRSS.

Taken offline in June 2010. The code might show up elsewhere though.

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