Wine and cars

Lance armstrong's shirt
Investment Cars
Dog watching

The road from our home in Fourways to IBM in Sandton is lined with expensive car dealers. Your obligatory BMW, Mercedes and whatnot. But also Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and more. What's worse is that these dealers on this street aren't really exceptional for this city. Expensive car dealers are all over the place.

But as this is South Africa and the white upper crust does feel a little bit guilty towards the underprivileged, there's the occasional get together aimed at sponsoring the little people into a better life with, I'm sure, lots of condom use and happy families.

This night, we actually enjoyed such an event. 'Investment cars', yes this does sound like a contradiction, was hosting a function where most, if not all, of the money goes to the nonprofit Kids Haven. A decent cause, meaning we had to cough up decent money to get inside.
Then again, we did get to see up close and even touch, when inquiring minds weren't looking, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Oh, there was also extensive wine tasting and great finger food.

After ending with some very decent espressos served by a Portuguese guy running a store selling handmade shirts *inside* the car dealer, we went home. The car dealer isn't far from where we live, yes, we reside in the more posh part of town, but it's all downhill.
We couldn't roll home, we had no choice but to drive up.

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