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Thanks to the lovely folks at, I landed a new client on Thursday. It’s a local cooperative of medical doctors who need an online brochure to represent themselves. Nothing fancy, but at least it’s a bit more work.
Meanwhile, it seems there’s an off-chance that the people at might ask me back for a major overhaul of their web presence. This could be really big.

Birthdays and Arabians

Yes, what do they have in common? Well, this weekend, Betsy and I spent abroad, I mean, in Friesland again. This time, because Betsy her brother had his birthday on Saturday (and, on a side note, Betsy has her birthday this Friday where she will reach the eternal age of 29, again).
After Betsy, her mum and myself went on an obligatory shopping trip to find the birthday present her mum wanted to give her (a pair of trousers), we went up to Leeuwarden to celebrate Anton his birthday.
The food was great. Grilled fish, Greek salad, stuffed peppers, tzatziki and more. The company was, well, interesting.

The next day, we had the chance to finish our tour of the Noorderlicht photo exhibition in Leeuwarden. We had started our tour some weeks before, but had to miss out on the section where pictures by Arabians of the Arabian countries were shown. Compared to the ‘old’ pictures from the Arabian countries and pictures of the Arabian countries by ‘western’ artists, this easily was the most interesting of the three exhibitions, part of this year’s Noorderlicht exhibition, called Nazar.

On our way back, Sunday evening, we stopped at Dooworld in Almere, where one of the only five Dancing Stage machines in the Netherlands are located. We did well. So well that on Monday night, I figured I could try and outwit the game even more in our own version of the game. I kicked ass, finishing Normal-1.

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Golfing in Mongolia

Back in Mongolia, last year, I met Andre Tolme. A nice guy, he was playing golf in Mongolia Although that, on its own shouldn’t sound that harmful (however, there -is- only one golf club in that country), it was different in respect to it being golf -everywhere- in Mongolia. Early in the year, he had divided the length of Mongolia into 18 more-or-less equal stretches, holes, and he had simply started on the eastern end, playing his way to the western end of the country.
Andre had hoped to finish the ‘course’ in the same summer, but he wasn’t able to and returned this year, playing the second half of his 18 hole course. All nice and funny, I noticed this week that the guy had made an appearance on, no shit, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN and four more American TV shows. In addition, the guy is now writing a book.
Besides the cool fact that Jay Leno is now only two degrees away (if he wasn’t already), I’m stunned that it took so long for all these people to only notice Andre now, after he finished. I would think that what he did, last year and this year, was interesting, already when he was doing it. Not specifically because he also finished his tour, but because he had the idea and acted on it.
Then again, it’s probably one of the many parts of the American psyche I do not fully understand.
If you’re interested, you can check out Andre’s website at

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More Mongolia

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but everyone’s favourite British chick, Jess Howland, is pregnant and getting married down under. Or wait, was it that sheepshagging nation next to it?
I know Jess from my time in Mongolia, where she befriended a supposedly friendly sheepshagger. They moved to NZ and very recently, the news was put out that Jess is pregnant and that they’re getting married. I tried talking Jess into marrying in Mongolia (doesn’t that make sense), but I don’t think she’s listening.
On a very similar note, everyone’s favourite Canadian, Pat (his website only survived for a couple of weeks) really got along well with Josie and he followed everyone’s favourite knee-fixer down to Oz, to get married earlier this year.
You see, Mongolia -does- do something to you.

PC problems

Goris finally figured out what’s wrong with my second PC. Some of the processor cache is corrupt. Since the motherboard is a bit dated, it’s no longer possible to simply order a replacement processor. This means I have to track down a suitable processor from somewhere, anywhere, before I can start using that PC again. Great. Not only will it cost me money, more importantly, it will cost me time.

CityTour, but different

My tour of Delft has been done in a style I actually had in mind for Delft. Not for Delft, but for Venice. And of course, I wasn’t part of it. If I remember correctly, and somehow I hope I don’t, the system was called ‘pully‘.

No more GeoURL

And I decided to take out the GeoURL links from this very site. It was a very cool feature, but the GeoURL site has been offline for several months now and it doesn’t seem it’ll come back any time soon. That is, unless someone big has bought it up and is rethinking it to make major bucks from it.

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