101 years in 101 words

Lest I forget. The BBC has a Lovely article listing new words that became hot over the past 100 years. They’re challenging readers to use those 101 words in a story, using at maximum 150 words total. I made it and submitted my entry.

I contracted phrases that were considered one word in the BBC competition (generation X became generationX, etc).

Here it is:

Peacenik brainwashed axisofevils hotdesked awesomely sexy dotcommers in virtualreality miniskirts (no hemline) while adlibbing GenerationX bossanova racism from psychedelic BigBrother textmessages (bytes on their mobilephones) with dumbeddown avantgarde cyborg gangstas from the pissedoff beatnik lumpenproletariat. OKyah?

Meanwhile, fabulous kitsch pop celeb DNA genes were havingitlarge, powerdressing in punk acid toyboy Wonderbras, sexedup mobile kittenheels and cool ghetto trainers. A snafu.

Responding, hip dunk wizards karaoked tiddlyompompom with whizzo egghead MickeyMouse, a beatbox, on Botox in detox: “cheerio bagel, latte, spliff.”

Molotovcocktail Blitzkriegs, cruisemissiles and hiphop boogie lovein on 9/11 resulted in the hippy drivein, fastfood nonU hypermarket blues on civvystreet and demobbed U-boat. The chav?

To doubleclick the green realpolitik from a Trekkie Watergate into a sacredcow naffall, Google, with It-girl, tailspinned the suddendeath pesticide into a blingbling ceasefire. The sex buzz URL gone, the microchip applet neutralised, only the megabucks cheeseburger saved the BigApple teddybear from saying the Fword.

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