Julia and a secret mission

Julia stopped by for dinner today, almost making me green with envy by telling about her recent trip through central Asia. I was slightly worried by her looking like she could slither through the crack of a closed door (except for her breasts, of course), but in the end decided I more liked it then disliked it.

During the day, Jim and I went on a secret mission to Bochum (sounds a bit like ‘Gollum’), where we inspected the possibilities of increasing the quality of the world’s green fingers. Sounds intriguing, no? But… what does it mean?

Taking a break, we had one-euro beers at a local Kneipe. Elders were comparing flights from Amsterdam to Sidney to flights from Hannover to Oman in slurred local dialect over pints that kept on coming. Clearly, major deals were being settled here.

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