Thaksin out?

A new passport!
Flying elephant
Thaksin go to Jail
Thaksin to to Jail
Thaksin Get Out
It's Mr. Thaksin himself
Samak as a pigsnake
Toilet bus
The rank and file
Samak and Thaksin
Homemade riot gear
The Police
One freaking happy elephant
30 floors up
2 eegs please!
That's rubbish!

My 'case' passed through the Dutch bureaucratic windmill and I was granted a new passport, picking it up in Bangkok on Friday.

Not having been too impressed with last time's hostel, I now opted for a room in the decent Asha guesthouse. Very reasonably priced at 350 baht (7 euros) for a room, though with shared bathroom, but with very decent breakfast facilities, a pool and an enjoyable bar in the evenings.

On Saturday, I went in search for the anti government rallies which have been going on for the past two weeks. They were surprisingly mellow, but the placards and banners were graphic.

Also, I tried to buy a bluetooth headset. Wireless headphones which would also allow me to use Skype, wirelessly. Convenient, but the model I bought didn't work on my mac. At least not properly. Back to the drawing board.

And I was also in my first car accident while in Thailand. Nothing major, just a small bumping into the taxi in front of us. We got out, stopped a second taxi and headed on.

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