Me and Miss Teen Thailand 2007
Foot fetish
She's got legs!
Second place winner

On my last day in Uganda, I started to get an irritated throat which hasn’t gone away since. I tend not to be one for drugs and doctor visits, but ended up going today anyway. In stead of getting better, the pain was getting worse and I had started feeling more and more sick.
Turns out I’ve got strep throat (in Dutch: Tonsilitis, keelontsteking). I started my antibiotics cure today.

My week’s been very busy. Besides a full schedule at HDN, I’ve also run into a series of outside projects which I didn’t really expect to end up with. Downside: little free time. Upside: a year of relative riches.
Felicia said it well earlier in the week that, as a freelancer, it tends to be “feast or famine”.

Persian blogs

I do not claim to run a Persian blog, but I do claim that Kamangir’s list of 100 most popular Persian bogs/sites is rather odd. The BBC website tops the list and DW as well as a series of other websites, obviously not Persian, not even with a Persian bias, make the list.
The list seems to be compiled based on linkage. But if we look at Alexa ranking, a quick search didn’t reveal one site, except for the obviously non-Persian ones, which was more popular than the one you’re now reading.


I met miss teen Thailand 2007. Soooo cuuuuute. And I don’t even think it was a guy!
And I touched the MacBook Air. I almost creamed my pants.

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