People like grass

Driving around on two bodas, part of an excellently organized tour of Kampala, one of the bodas had me as a passenger, the other Todd, a longtime friend I know from Thailand, our guide wanted us to understand the difference between 'the Beverly Hills of Kampala', where the streets are well paved and empty, and the slums, where the roads are filled with pot holes and we would see 'people like grass', the implication being we would associate the term with a well manicured lawn. Something not common in any public setting in this country.

But, the tour, visiting almost all the at least mildly interesting attractions of Kampala on the back of a boda, was great. If not as great as seeing Todd, on a side trip from a professional visit to Nairobi, stoping by and giving me an excuse to reminisce on days gone by. With Waragi.

Not that I had nearly as much time to do so as I wanted. I'm about to head to Stockholm for a project, after which I'll dive into Tanzania for another. A necessity, yes?

But, we did manage to squeeze in a few trips. A short visit to Jinja and the Source of the Nile, though only accepted as such by true aficionados of Uganda, was a must, and a somewhat longer visit to the west of the country, including a night on the edge of a crater lake and another to a nature reserve that gets not a dozen visits per month, was obscure enough to be interesting.
The reserve, Katonga, is home to the elusive sitatunga, a swamp-dwelling deer, which we didn't get to see, as we weren't kitted out properly. And, after already trundling around for some 7 kilometer, we were not nearly as keen on keeping going anyway.

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