Let the sun shine

With Det Norske Kjokken finally opening up, the season seems to have started in Albena. Hordes of British were crowding our breakfast room this morning and Scandinavians also seem to have come out of the woodwork.

I had wanted to rent a car for the weekend, starting today, and drive down to Varna to enjoy the rest of the day and have dinner and maybe a concert there.
Unfortunately, no cars were available, but we did manage to make reservations for a car for tomorrow.
Also, because there isn’t really an alternative with public transport only leaving town maybe once an hour, yes they really want you to spend your money on the expensive bars and restaurants here, we staid at the resort, went to the beach, and enjoyed the sun which finally has decided to leave his coveted space behind the clouds.
Nevertheless, the wind and water are still quite fresh.

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