Animals and web hosting

On Friday, after having a drink at the next door restaurant Picola, Stevan and I were invited over to the house of one of Stevan’s friends. All well and good, until, when we got there, it was obvious she had had quite a few drinks too many. We were forced to sing and dance to old ABBA tunes played through a TV set.

The day after, Rouzeh and I drove over to Hartbeespoortdam to visit the Aquarium. Actually more of a bird sanctuary, the aquariums with all sorts of fish are the least interesting. We had to share the 3pm show with all other visitors. That is, none.
The start of the show was at a compound with two seals. One, Polly, had had an operation to remove a dead fetus from her womb and was mostly basking on the rocks, the other, Pam, was nearly blind and demanding fish as early as 30 minutes before the show started. Pam did some tricks for us, including rescuing a baby doll and pushing a small bicycle.
After the seals, the resident pelican was reluctant to come out for a stroll and some fish. This was followed by the feeding of three South African penguins. Two with a broken arm and the third with an arm missing. Then, a baby alligator tried to bite my finger while our every move was followed by a couple of turtles, constantly sticking their beady eyes out above the water of their pond.

Afterwards, it was another evening of board games. Monopoly wasn’t too much of a success and we ended up playing Wii sports.

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