Quizing, movies and more games

Before going to a free showing of The Day the Earth Stood Still at Montecasino on Thursday, I did my workout at Virgin Fourways. There, I ran into personal trainer Steven who convinced me to join in the 30 minute ab attack. It’s listed on the schedule with three sweat drops next to it, which indicates it’s pretty tough.
It was. I nearly died. Well. I felt my abs for days afterwards.

Afterwards, first splurging on nuts, milk, fish and a health bar, all to get the proteins flowing again, I stumbled over to the casino where, on the main square, Kurt Darren was singing Christmas carols for charity. It was packed.

Arriving at the cinema, a large Futurama display brightened up my day.


I’m using MacOSaiX to create a few nice, you’ve guessed it, mosaics. My computer was churning away the numbers for three days when the 3G modem decided it was time to crash and reboot the system. All work lost. Who’s allowing me to kill them? I’ll settle for significant mutilation.
It also seems that this fubar somehow ate into my data usage. And at almost 200 Rand (20 USD) per gig, that’s less than funny.

Meanwhile, I seem to have maxed out my credit card. Out of the three bank cards I have with me, a total of none is currently working.


On Saturday, it was another night of Risk. After the hash, this time close to the Kyalami race track, with a christmas theme and very spicy vodka, I drove over to Elvis to butt heads over two games. We finished just after it had started to get light. This time, though, not even half a bottle of whisky was internalized.
We started a discussion on what, statistically, would be the best attack and defend strategy and, in the end, we couldn’t agree. I almost wrote a small program to calculate the stats using a brute force method but, not surprisingly, this has already been done. With three attack dice against two defender dice, the attacker has a very slight advance, to my surprise. It’s about 7/13 to 6/13, just above half.

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One more quiz

Turns out, there’s also a very good quiz right next door. Three blocks away, the Irish pub in Linden does a bi-weekly quiz which is very enjoyable. Not a chain, more like a local, with cheap fish and chips at 28 Rand and free snacks. We messed up the sports round but still came in 5th. Downside… no new quiz here until January 14th. Which, at least, is one week before the quiz at the Keg and Filly starts up again.