A field visit

Heavy traffic
Project result
Standing proud
DACAAR truck
Three in a row
Abandoned wheelbarrows

Visited several field offices today. I've been working at the DACAAR main office since February and not once have I actually seen what it is that DACAAR does.
Although even now, I still haven't seen much, although I've talked to the people who do the actual work.

We first visited three Field Project(?) Offices, after which we went to the Field Management Office, from where the FPOs are being managed. My guide being no less then the manager of the FMO in Pashtun Zarghun South.

At first I thought I was just joining in on a regular field trip, but not so. Our visits were specially arranged for me. It also meant I HAD to ask interesting questions.
Struggling at first, I did learn quite a bit, although the language barrier was a bit of a challenge at times. And the end result was, indeed, that I now have a slightly less misinformed idea on what it is DACAAR actually does.

Lunch was at the FMO. Interestingly, I was the only one eating with my hands, everyone else using a fork, in their left hand, to put the food on a spoon, in their right.
And, of course, I tried to help out with some IT issues at the FMO. One 'new' machine was unpacked to check if it worked. It did, and it was repacked again.

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