Waiting to get back

Most of my day was spent trying to get back to Kabul. I was going to get a ‘regular’ flight back from Herat, with Kam Air. Yes that’s the airline which had a crash just days before I arrived in February. Already on Thursday was my ticket arranged for, but only this morning was it clear at what time the plane would leave: 12pm.
I arrived at the airport too late, ten past 12, only to find out that I should have gotten my boarding card about a kilometer away from the airport itself.

Some frustration and about one hour later, I was sharing the back row in a 737 with a French tourist. A TOURIST!

On the flight we even got a snack and a soda. Surprisingly, even though the crew was from some former Soviet republic, the ladies didn’t even consider getting decent. One of the girls was wearing tight blue jeans and a white, rather tight, shirt, that would show a piece of flesh when she would reach for an upper compartments. She had a piercing through her nose, one through her lip and at least 10 through her two ears. Even so, she was terribly cute.

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