Zombie flash mob

Took it a bit easier than on the day of my arrival. Checked out the Civic Center, which includes the modern San Francisco Public Library, United Nations plaza, where the UN charter was signed back in 1945, and City Hall, which looks like a mix of the US capitol and St. Peter’s basilica in the Vatican.
Next up was a series of murals in The Tenderloin, the raunchy part of town, then went in search for Piano wizard, stumbled upon refurbished Nintendo DS Lites and an open air music festival in the Yerba Buena garden.

Then, decidedly the most spectacular chance meeting happened. While walking over to the supposedly excellent Cartoon Art Museum, I stumbled into a zombie flash mob (what?). Serously, seriously hilarious.
And it got even better. Halfway through the ‘parade’, the flash mob bumped into a group of individuals protesting against Scientology, using V for Vendetta masks and house music.

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